Crux Fidelis

      Score       Score with C Flute


Crux Fidelis, written for Good Friday 2013, follows Jesus Christ's procession to Golgotha. The text, by Ed Griffin, is written in a combination of classical meters: principally, Greek and Latin dactylic hexameters, changing with the narrative style. This setting of the text takes these metrical structures into consideration, setting each in a different manner and including a total of 4 distinct compositional voices: solo modal instrumental interludes based on the "Crux Fidelis" sequence for Good Friday; declamatory psalm-tone inspired vocal lines for retrospective narration; dissonant, recitative-like passages for the narration of immediate events; and finally, a tonal aria for the words of Christ. These compositional styles come together to form a beautiful picture of the tragic events of Good Friday, while looking forward hopefully to the Lord's glorious resurrection.