"Renegade" is a track from my upcoming art rock album. Here are the lyrics:

Do I belong here
Within the dark sky shining
I seek the stars
The velvet ocean crashes over me

Soft waves retreating
Carrying planets calmly
Out of my grasp
Familiar darkness still eluding me

Spinning around, all my hopes and dreams
My inconsistencies tie me to the ground
And I find that I miss my life,
The things I left behind for following the sky

Too long the silence
Will the celestials call me
By name again
Or have I painted my own winter so cold?

Am I immortal?
My graven image decorates
Odd pages gilt
A codex grim before a dancing flame


A brief encounter
A truth I'd never realized
My freedom calls
Towards a home I'd long departed

A passing fancy
Could I abandon everything
I've labored for?
With grim precision I drown a renegade dream.

Lyrics (c) 2011 by Timothy Gibbons