"Steel" is a track from Refuge and Ruin's album Break Free, which was completed but not yet released. The lyrics are:

The steel in your hands
And the steel in your eyes contrast
And reflect the lonely blood on your hands,
And the tears fall down

Your face in stoic wax
And your world feels so dead
But you, you can't resolve the fight in your head,
And the years go by

So tonight, you'll call my name in sweet surrender
There is no pain, my love, if you'll hold tight to me
Finally, no more barriers or excuses
I'll set you free, my love, from the steel in your eyes

This stasis is your life,
And your flame's burning low
But love, I'll save you from the darkness inside
And I'll set you free


Cool sweet light will break on her face
As the tears flow free and tonight she's alive
Now she's flying free, she picks herself up
And she knows there's something worth fighting for


Lyrics (c) 2010 by Timothy Gibbons