The Wanderer



"The Wanderer" combines Old English poetry with modern English lyrics to create a beautiful character portrait. The lyrics are as follows:

Oft him anhaga     are gebideð,
metudes miltse,     þeah þe he modcearig
geond lagulade     longe sceolde
hreran mid hondum     hrimcealde sæ

Great and marvellous are the streams that
Flow down to the foam-crested sea,
How they call me to sink beneath their strange, disarming waves.

Or shall I follow still down the path of my own understanding?
Come away with me, love (Twilight waters are deep)
We will find beauty far beyond all you thought that you knew
(How can I follow you far beyond all I know?)

Old English lyrics from "The Wanderer," Exeter Book (Exeter Cathedral Library MS 3501).
Modern English lyrics (c) 2014 by Timothy Gibbons